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The Battle of Britain

The Top Ten British Battles of World War Two

Part Three: The Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain is probably one of the most important battles of the Second World War. Had Germany won this battle and, consequently, invaded Britain, history may have been entirely different.

In this iconic battle, the RAF prevented the Luftwaffe from gaining control of the skies over Britain.  As a result, Britain was able to continue, still alone, in its fight against Hitler’s Nazi tyranny.

But behind the headlines about the bravery of “The Few” lies the story of RAF intrigue and in-fighting within the higher echelons of the RAF.  Air Marshalls Dowding and Park where not only fighting the Germans but also some of their closest colleagues.  This led to distorted perceptions of the architects and commanders responsible for the British victory. 

To gain a further insight of this it is worth listening to the 1961 interview with Keith Park, the RAF Commander in the battle.

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